About Us

NillumBUG is the bicycle user group (BUG) for the Nillumbik Shire. Nillumbik Shire is situated in Melbourne’s north-east. As part of the Green Wedge, it is a beautiful place in which to cycle.

NillumBUG is intended to cater for the different needs and interests of cyclists from all over the shire. It is hoped that cyclists interested in touring, commuting and recreational cycling will feel inspired to get behind this community group.

Browse our site to find out more about us and if you’re not a member yet, find out how to join.

Our BUG has several purposes:

  • to provide a forum to discuss the concerns of cyclists
  • to campaign for more cycle paths, lanes and improved facilities
  • to provide social rides and other cycling events.

NillumBUG initially formed in late 2005.  A group of residents from Diamond Creek, Hurstbridge and Smiths Gully, got together in response to the slow progress of the design and construction of a cycle path from Diamond Creek to Hurstbridge.  We considered that the path would be more likely to attract funding from various levels of government, if it was evident that many people were in support of the project.  In addition, a community group is an effective way of lobbying government.  So, it was decided that now would be an ideal time to set up a Bicycle User Group (BUG) for the Nillumbik shire.  Bicycle Victoria provide a helpful manual in setting up a BUG. This can be downloaded from their website, and we would recommendend it be read by those who are interested in forming a new BUG.

NillumBUG has been pleasantly surprised by the number of people wishing to participate in social rides. Some people are already keen cyclists and others are returning to cycling after many years of abstinence.
Cycling has many benefits.  Pleasingly, more people are turning to cycling as method of commuting.  It has obvious health and fitness benefits.  Cycling as a group can be rewarding from the support and social interaction.

Over the last few years, representatives from NillumBUG have met with local government and VicRoads to discuss matters of concern to cyclists.


Nillumbug holds an AGM in August and a Christmas break up in December. Announcements of the details of meetings are sent to members by email. The committee of 8-10 members, meets several times a year. Committee members are elected at the AGM.

Contact us

We welcome your enquiries and comments.

Email: nillumbug@gmail.com

Postal address: NillumBUG, PO BOX 492, Diamond Creek, 3089.


4 Responses to Home

  1. jack crack says:

    Hi Maxine. Just been told of Nillumbic bugs, and were wondering if you could email me detail of weds ride please. ( meeting where and time?) Also,was suggested that one of the guys might be doing a ride tomorrow(Monday) and wondered if you might know whom, and what the details where? Many thanks, jack

  2. Ken Paynter says:

    Ken Paynter is my name. I have lived in Eltham since 1988.I am a member of the Rotary Club of Eltham and retired in 2012. i’m a keen bike rider and interested in joining your group.

    Rgds Ken Paynter

  3. robyn watson says:

    Hi I would like to join you this year. I am 53yo I have my own bike but have not ridden for many years.

  4. Allan Garbutt says:

    Hello. This is Allan Garbutt from Monty. I am a member of Banyule BUG. I have often admired your cycling uniform. Where did you get it made and who did the design. Thanks.

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